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Linda has been a wonderful influence in my child's life. Her fourth grade experience speaks to her efforts and the work she and my child did together. She is feeling armed with all the skills Linda had taught her.  She is much more appropriate in the classroom, controlling her emotions much more.   She is developing friendships are informed by Linda’s sound and solid work with her. At my child's parent conference, her teacher corroborated this by being extremely positive — academically, emotionally and socially—noting her remarkable sense of self.


I think Linda’s and my child's relationship has been central to all of these adaptive qualities.  She liked sharing her experiences and feelings with Linda and still feels very close to her. Today, she feels brave in her social interactions, reminded of all the skills Linda taught her. Linda also gave her the language to express herself and her needs without alienating peers.  


I also feel I have grown as a parent from Linda’s work.  I always appreciated Linda taking the time to describe their sessions at the end of the hour.  Linda drew many pictures of socially appropriate interactions, with captions. I always felt included, like Linda and I were a team.   


Now, several years later, my child still “carries Linda around in her pocket” for guidance and courage.  

-- R.M

Linda has helped our daughter grow tremendously socially and emotionally the past 2 ½ years. Our daughter has flourished under Linda’s firm, but loving expertise.  In addition to seeing our daughter 1-2 times per week, Linda has been in constant communication with everyone on our daughter’s team (parents, teachers, therapists…) to ensure that everyone was working together to help our daughter succeed. 


Not only did Linda advise my daughter, she also helped me to be a better parent.  Her special blend of warmth, kindness and honesty allowed me to benefit from her expert parenting advice and insights.  Her brilliant language helped codify ideas when interacting with our daughter. Linda was so completely invested in our daughter’s well being that she was always available to meet with my husband and I periodically or during times of difficulty.  Linda was immensely helpful to me for support, advice and assistance.  I feel so blessed to have had Linda work with our daughter, and I credit her with helping our daughter blossom into the incredibly confident and socially successful teenager she is today.


Linda was the first person to really “get” our son. While others seemed perplexed and vexed, Linda always wanted to know why. A rare voice of calm and reason and curiosity in a world of FIX IT, CHANGE IT, ACTION and MEDICINE. That INTEREST and PATIENCE and CARE and COMMUNICATING helped him develop those same qualities in himself. Her inventive tools and strategies have helped us way beyond our time with her at school. She is a great TEACHER and ADVOCATE and HUMAN BEING.

- J.C. 

Thank-you for the work you do with my son. Over the years he has learnt to think about the others around him and has become very social. He continues to enjoy leaning about social thinking from you and we continue to appreciate the interest you take in trying to find out where he needs the help and then explaining it to him, by rebuilding situation so that he can understand them better and work on a solution with you before he experiences a similar situation in life again. He is much better prepared when similar situations arise again. He is learning to understand pragmatics and time concepts thanks to you and we want you to know that we greatly appreciate the work you do with him. People in general today just seem so unaware of others around them and this very interesting method you use could help all of us understand and appreciate that there are others besides ourselves.

- S.H.

Since our 13.5 year old son began working with Linda over a year ago, he has made tremendous strides. His over-all understanding of things has increased as well as his self-confidence. Linda has done a fantastic job

- P.E.

Linda is a talented, savvy, compassionate speech therapist whose six years spent working with our child and that made a huge, positive difference in our child’s life. Starting at age six, our child saw Linda once a week, starting with basic communications skills and strategies. But the sessions evolved to include so much more than just speech. Linda works on the whole person. She helped our child understand and recognize social cues and interaction, and persevered to help our autistic child recognize and express her innermost feelings and voices, something so critical to all developmentally disabled people, regardless of how high or low functioning they may be. We have the highest regard and respect for Linda Boverman and happily recommend her!

- B.G. & A.W.

Linda engaged my grandson with her kindness and patience wrapped around her creative approach to his speech issues. The results include understandable language skills that developed social confidence in a 5 year old that was becoming more withdrawn and timid as he struggled to be understood and was getting quite adept at avoiding words and letters that he struggles with from his vocabulary. He always looks forward to seeing “My Linda”, who makes their time together fun and challenging.

- E.G.

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