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Linda Boverman

I Help Learning Challenged Children Communicate Better.

I work with parents to support their children who struggle from language challenges, both receptive and expressive, as well as issues in social communication, writing and cognition. My clientele includes children and adults with learning challenges, ADHD and on the Autism Spectrum. I also am of service to those who do not have a diagnosis, but feel uncomfortable with their use of language, academically and/or socially.



It’s hard being a parent, harder still with children that struggle with everyday social rules that are intuitive for you, but elude them. Understanding nuances of behavior is often unavailable to learning challenged kids, but in this book we break down Seven Ways you can better communicate with your child.  

Are you having any of these issues?

  • My child is not making friends.
  • My child is not picking up on social cues.
  • My child is chronically disorganized.
  • My child can't pick up on social cues.
  • My child misunderstands idioms, humor, metaphors, or anything that is not explicitly stated.
  • I can't connect with my child.
About Linda Boverman

About Linda Boverman

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Will my child ever be able

to live a normal life?

Executive Functioning with Learning Challenged Kids.


“Linda was the first person to really “get” our son.

While others seemed perplexed and vexed, Linda always wanted to know why. A rare voice of calm and reason and curiosity in a world of FIX IT, CHANGE IT, ACTION and MEDICINE."

- J.C

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Culver City California

Tel: 213.804.7750

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