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Millenials Need our Help-ASAP!!!*

  Our Millenials want to work with purpose, have a positive impact, and make meaningful contributions. Sounds good–right? Then why are they committing more suicide, have lower self-esteem, are less resilient, and exhibit poorer face-to-face communication skills than...



“We have the power to change our brains.” RIGHT, you say. We can’t purposefully change our brains. They grow until a certain age and “bam”. Everything stops after that. Then everything goes downhill. WRONG, say the...


A Very Happy Brain — Dr. Amit Sood

Dr. Sood is a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic and has written extensively and created videos on how to increase happiness and reduce stress.  This story is how how Broody, a very...


Children Teach Us How to Master Anger

  Just Breathe     For a sampling of simple and quick children’s meditations that can be done anywhere and anytime, feel free to take a look at:      

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